Research Colloquium (Summer Term 2018)

Annemie Maertens
University of Sussex, UK
How do farmers learn from extension services: Evidence from Malawi
15.05.2018, 16:15–17:45h, ZHG 102

Xingqing Ye
Director for Rural Department in Development Research Center (DRC) in State Council of China
Evolutions of Chinese Agricultural Policies: The Past, Present and Future
22.05.2018, 8:30–12:00h, VG 4.105

Marijke D´Haese
Ghent University, Belgium
12.06.2018, 16:15–17:45h, ZHG 102

Richard Sexton
University of California, Davis, USA
Appropriateness of standard methodologies in assessing market power
03.07.2018, 16:15–17:45h, ZHG 102