The Chair of Management and Control primarily does research in three areas:

  • Antecedents and determinants of value-based management
  • Tools of management control
  • Determinants of corporate governance systems.

Several research projects are currently carried out at our Chair (you can find examplary projects here). Most of them are based on comprehensive empirical studies using different econometric tools.

The research projects are not exclusively driven by our Chair, but also in collaboration with other research institutions, both domestic and abroad. At the moment there are ongoing research projects with the Institute of Technology in Karslruhe, with the Kong Chian School of Business of the Singapore Management University, and with the Centre for Corporate Governance of Kopenhagen Business School. You can get further information about research cooperations here.

The results of these research projects are published in scientific and practice-oriented journals. Moreover, members of our team present their research at national and international conferences and workshops.