Areas of research

Research at the Chair for Sociology of Religion (Matthias Koenig) currently focuses on the study of religious diversity as well as on research about world society, human rights and the transformation of nation-states. At the Max Planck Institute for the Study of Religious and Ethnic Diversity he is leading the Max Planck Fellow Group Governance of Cultural Diversity - Socio-Legal Dynamics

1. Research projects

“Recent migrants and refugees in Germany: settlement and integration processes” (2017-2020)
Role: Principal Co-Investigator (with Claudia Diehl, University of Konstanz & Cornelia Kristen, University of Bamberg)
Funding Agency: German Research Council (DFG)

"Comparative Free Speech Jurisprudence" (2015-2016)
Role: Sub-Award Recipient (Principal Investigator: Thomas Moylan Keck, Syracuse University)
Funding Agency: National Science Foundation (NSF)

"Religiosity, cultural resources and educational achievement" (2014-2015)
Role: Co-Applicant with Prof. Dr. Claudia Diehl (University Konstanz)
Funding Agency: Mercator Foundation

"The Politics of Secularism and the Emergence of new religiosities" (Pilot Project within the transregional network CETREN) (2013-2015)
Role: Co-Applicant (with Rupa Viswanath & Axel Schneider)
Funding Agency: Federal Ministry for Education and Research (BMBF)

"Causes and consequences of early socio-cultural integration processes among new immigrants in Europe“ (2009-2013)
Role: Co-applicant (with Principal Investigator Claudia Diehl)
Funding Agency: NORFACE

"Europeanization, multiple modernities, and collective identities – religion, nation, and ethnicity in an enlarged Europe" (2008-2011)
Role: Principal Investigator (together with Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Knöbl)
Coordinator: PD. Dr. Wilfried Spohn
Funding Agency: Volkswagenstiftung

2. Dissertation projects

(a) Ongoing

Rüdel, Julia. „The limits of social capital – A theoretical and empirical revision of the impact of social capital on the labour market integration of immigrants”.

Zimmer, Miriam. „Umbau religiöser Großorganisationen. Organisationsinterne Akteurskonstellationen und Transformationsoptionen der katholischen Bistümer in Deutschland angesichts steigenden Säkularisierungsdrucks.“

(b) Completed

Harms, Lisa. 2019. „Fragmented Universalism. The Making of the Right to Freedom of Religion at the European Court of Human Rights“ (double-degree dissertation [cotutelle] at University of Göttingen and Sciences Po, Paris).

Trittler, Sabine. 2017. “Religion, National Identity, and Symbolic Boundary Making - Religious and Secular Boundaries of National Belonging”, University of Göttingen.

Chi, Shuai. 2016. “Charisma and Community in Buddhism: The Redefinition of Culture, Religion and Ideology in Post-Mao China”, University of Göttingen.

Schader, Miriam. 2013. “The Impact of Religious Networks on Immigrant Political Involvement. Muslim and Pentecostal Christian Immigrants in Comparison”, double-degree dissertation [co-tutelle] at University of Göttingen and Sciences Po, Paris (Augsburg Research Award for Intercultural Studies).

Kroll, Stefan. 2011. “Normgenese durch Rechtstransfer – Eine historisch-soziologische Untersuchung der internationalen Diffusion von Recht mit Fallbeispielen zu China”, University of Göttingen (Otto-Hahn-Medal of the Max Planck Society).