Research Activities

Our research projects focus on planning and decision-making models to improve resource and energy efficiency in companies and value chains, especially in digital business models. We use quantitative models and methods to solve complex management decision problems in global value chains. We work interdisciplinary and with national and international partners from science and industry.

Specific research areas:

  • Modelling and optimizing production and logistics systems
  • We develop material flow and information models for mapping production processes along selected value chains. They can contribute to improving resource and energy efficiency at company level and analyze the impact of emission reduction options when preparing investment decisions.

  • Business models for sustainable development
  • Sustainability requirements are playing an increasing role in corporate practice in production and logistics. Suitable business models, such as chemical leasing or life cycle costing, can provide new impulses for sustainable development. Efficiency analyses as well as material and energy flow models are used to estimate future production capacities and design fair contracts. In the focus is the social dimension in global production and logistics networks.

  • Digitization and the Internet of Things (IoT)
  • Digitization with the concepts Industry 4.0, Internet of Things and Physical Internet plays a prominent role in current research and practice. Industrial processes and systems as well as logistics concepts are increasingly based on digital processes and require an interdisciplinary approach. In this context, detailed analyses are conducted in collaboration with with partners from practice to provide concrete answers to implementation issues in the industry, trade and logistics service sectors.