The possibilities are endless. A semester abroad? An internship? Maybe a summer school or a language course?

First contact
The Study Abroad Advisory team is the first point of contact for all of your questions about studying abroad. They will provide you with an initial consultation about exchange programmes of the faculty or university-wide programmes, and also provide you with information on transferring credits, internships abroad, and financing a study abroad. You can send an email, or contact us either in person or by phone during office hours.

Initial consultation
We will gladly provide you with an overview of the Erasmus programme. The coordination and application process is managed by the Erasmus coordinator for students from both the disciplines of economics as well as business administration. Likewise, we provide information on university-wide exchange programmes. The organization and coordination of these programmes is handled by the International Office.

Academic Supervision
There is an advisor for each exchange programme. After being accepted to an exchange programme, you will coordinate the registration at the partner university and organizational matters with your advisor. Once you have chosen the courses you will take, we will be happy to assist you about your choices. As part of this process, we will help you to confirm the transferability of courses taken abroad.