AGICHEM 2017 - 6th to 9th of August

Social Program

The Social Program will take place on Tuesday, August 8th. It consists of guided tours exploring several different aspects of Göttingen. Guided tours in English will be provided from 2 pm to 4 pm or from 4 pm to 6 pm. Registration is necessary, max 25 people per tour.

A close view – buildings with history

During these tours you can discover old vaults, gothic churches, half-timbered houses and more hidden and interesting corners in the old city of Göttingen

Discover the underworld of Göttingen - secrets of old vaults

Idyllic places - Gardens, greenery and courtyards

Famous names – Göttinger VIPs

Learn something about outstanding individuals, who influenced the history of Göttingen and established the excellent reputation of the Georg-August University

Charming Science - science with charme - women making history
Magic moments in mathematics - Gauß in Göttingen
Small but powerful - following Lichtenbergs marks
The period of the Brothers Grimm at the Georgia Augusta

Ferne Kunde bringt dir der schwankende Fels - Wiechert and his seismological station

From 18:00 Poster Prices and Conference Dinner at the Alte Mensa (Emmy-Noether-Saal and Hannah-Vogt-Saal)