Strategic Human Resource Development

This Seminar is designed to provide students with knowledge on an increasingly important domain of strategic human resource development: global talent management.  Students will learn and work on sub-topics of global leadership development and talent management with a regional focus on China. In addition, students receive chances to communicate and exchange ideas of global talent management with German and Chinese managers.

The seminar is practice-oriented and fosters individual application and transfer. In order to familiarize with global talent management and convey expertise to students, the course draws from a vast array to teaching methods, such as lecture on global talent management, company visit, joint workshop with Chinese and German managers on global leadership topics, book readings, articles from top-tier international journals, and close supervision.


Qualification aims:

The key objectives include:

Understand the challenge and chances of global leadership

Preparing students for global career

Direct contact with German and Chinese Management

Please note: The Students are expected to attend all lectures, company visit, workshop, and presentation on October 7th 2019, October 9th 2019, and October 29th 2019. Attendance is mandatory. The students should block the respective time slots.

The registration deadline is September 15th.


Course type:


Seminar Paper 

6 C

Exam requirements:
To pass the course, students have to 
write a seminar paper and give a presentation. 
They have to demonstrate a profound knowledge in the contents of lectures and required reading material.

Attendance: 28 hours 
Self-study: 152 hours

Entrance requirements:

Recommended prerequisites:

Language: English

Prof. Dr. Dr. Fabian J. Froese 

Cycle: Every winter semester

Term: 1 Semester

Max. students:

Recommended semester: