Study & Teaching

Associated with its research topics, CBL focuses on various teaching activities.
On the one hand, study programmes in the subject area of biodiversity and sustainable land use are organised and administered at the CBL. On the other hand, the employees themselves carry out teaching.
We are engaged in cross-faculty teaching development on the topic of sustainability and support a qualitative improvement of theory and practice through networking in close exchange with the Green Office, the Department of Studies and Teaching and intensive cooperation with students.
For this purpose, a round table on "Teaching sustainability together across faculties", November 2022, was launched.
With the University of Göttingen joining the "Nature Positive Universities" Alliance in December 2022, a greater focus on campus-wide biodiversity monitoring and concrete measures will be designed and implemented.

General inquiries to study programs and PhD in the faculties of agricultural and forestry studies

Please inform yourself using the university central services Studying or directly at the study programs (e.g. international MSc Programs related to CBL themes).
In addition please have a look at the faculties of interest to read more about requirements and contacts.
Faculty of Agricultural Sciences
Faculty of Forest Sciences and Forest Ecology

Round Table "Teaching sustainability together across faculties

The goal is cross-faculty exchange between faculty, students and administrative staff, as well as making research and teaching on sustainability more visible in existing teaching. The initiators Simone Pfeiffer (CBL), Marco Lange (Green Office), Claudia Faust (Department of Studies and Teaching, Key Competencies) and Paul Emmerich (Student) invited to three round tables in 2022 and 2023. A cross-faculty lecture series on the topic of sustainability and sustainable development is planned starting in the summer semester of 2024. In addition, the establishment of further formats such as a certificate program is being discussed.

Activities in the "Nature Positive Universities" Alliance

Nature Positive Universities launched December, 8th 2022, at COP15, in Montreal and worldwide! We are very happy to be one of the 115+ founding universities in 45+ countries that have already made the nature positive pledge.
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Göttingen University activities
Nature Positive Universities Alliance