The agricultural and food sector has to face diverse challenges in today's world. For this reason, the study of agricultural sciences covers socio-economic topics in addition to scientific and ecological aspects. The focus ranges from the production of high-quality food to secure the world's food supply under the aspects of sustainability and economic efficiency to the preservation of good living conditions in rural regions. In order for this balancing act to succeed, agricultural sciences are not only innovation-oriented, but are also in a constant state of flux so that they can react to changes in circumstances at any time. Thus, a study of agricultural sciences is not only thematically broadly positioned, but also offers a variety of opportunities and the best conditions for the later professional perspective.

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The following modules are not offered in the summer semester:
  • P.AG.0060 Advanced methods in animal breeding and statistical genetics
  • M.iPAB.0016 Applied effective R programming in animal breeding and genetics
  • M.Agr.0186 Multivariate statistics with applications in agricultural science
  • M.SIA.A03M International and tropical food microbiology and hygiene
  • M.SIA.P30M Ecological Genetics
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    Students of agricultural sciences are often confronted with the question "So you're studying to be a farmer?" But studying agricultural sciences offers so much more than just agriculture in the classic sense. Here you can find out how wide the spectrum of disciplines and specializations is.


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