Tea Conc, University of Zagreb, Croatia
June 2015

"During 5 working days of my Erasmus+ staff individual training at University Library Goettingen I had the opportunity to see "how things are done" in one of the oldest university library in Europe which is a part of one of the best library systems in the world.

Goettingen is charming mid-sized town with the incredible academic infrastructure and the thousands of cycling students.

Training week was perfectly organized in accordance to my interests. My colleagues librarians (all experts in their fields) were very friendly, showed me what they do and asked for my experiences, shared some of their opinions with me and provided me with plenty of information that will be useful in my future everyday work. International office at the University assured efficient support before, during and after my stay.

I believe this training to be very important for my professional development - visiting one of the most famous academic libraries in Europe, sharing the experiences with my German colleagues, and taking the part in the Erasmus+ program as well."

Martina Frelih, University of Ljubliana, Slovenia
August 2015

"Göttingen is a real university town, you can feel that everywhere.
Through training programme I got to know the library system of University of Göttingen, I learned a lot and made very good friends and colleagues."

Comments from Participants of the Erasmus+ Staff Training Week 2016:

"I find most relevant the experience of people dealing with the support part of the exchange.I got many new ideas how to promote the exchange."

"The event was very inspiring, motivating and a wonderful opportunity to meet collegues from other universities from all over the world to exchange best practices, ideas and experiences. It makes me want to do my job better."

"I find most relevant the tours of the IT facilities as it allowed me to contrast and compare my own university against ,not only Göttingen, but also the universities of the other collegues. The week was one of the most rewarding experiences I have had while working in Higher Education."