Here, you find topics for your bachelor- and masterthesis..

You are also welcome to come with your own ideas.


    (Motivated) Belief formation and updating processes of individuals.

    An economic analysis of promises.

    Cooperation in indefinitely repeated prisoner’s dilemmas: A review of the experimental literature.

    Determinants of Ethical Consumer Choices.

    Game-theoretic models of self-signaling and experimental tests thereof.

    Gender differences in bargaining. An experimental analysis.

    How are peoples’ social preferences affected by group identity or social identity?

    How are understanding of political processes and political preferences related to economic knowledge?

    How to measure social norms?

    How to induce (artificial) group identity in the lab and in the field?

    What do laypeople think how the economy works and what are possible conclusions for economic teaching and policy proposals?

    Improving the efficiency of online reputation systems. An experimental analysis.

    Income inequality: Consequences and experimental test of solutions.

    Risky choice: Prospect theory and its applications.

    Social closeness and guilt aversion.

    Status vs Reputation: An experimental analysis of the differences.

    Strategic thinking in sequential games.

    The intrinsic value of power. An experimental test.