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University of Excellence

The University directorate, the Göttingen Campus Council and members of the University and partner institutions on the Göttingen Campus meet regularly to discuss strategic planning designed to generate optimal framework conditions for research and teaching – independently of funding in the context of the Excellence Initiative or Excellence Strategy. The results of these consultations are set out in the 2012 "Standortkonzept" and in "Positions and Perspectives 2014-2024", for example.
The University is currently preparing to draw up its proposal for application in the Universities of Excellence funding line. Its concept will be based on successful measures and projects and on the strategic development since 2007. On 21 February 2018, the University submitted its letter of intent. Funding for at least two Clusters of Excellence will allow the University to submit its proposal in the Universities of Excellence funding line in December 2018. The committee of experts will announce the funding decision on 19 July 2019.