When to arrive

New foreign students are requested to arrive well in time before studies start and not later than September 15th. Here are the reasons for the mandatory early arrival of our foreign students:

  • The SIA master program is a join degree of two universities therefore the matriculation takes longer than in a master program of one university. It may take up to 3-4 weeks until all documents arrive in Göttingen. All students need to be enrolled before lectures start otherwise they have no access to the online platforms with the lecture notes.

  • Students are required to find their own place of living. In September there are more available rooms and flats than in October.

  • Many students arrive with a jetlag which it may take one to two weeks to overcome.

  • In September a 2 week German language course is offered. Life is easier in Göttingen/Witzenhausen with a basic knowledge of German.

  • It is mandatory for students of the profile "International Agribusiness and Rural Development Economics" to take part in a one week course "Introduction to econometrics" in the beginning of October.

  • Different activities and small excursions will be offered before lectures start to help students to get acquainted with each other and to life in Germany.