Wintersemester 2017/ 2018

(last update: 18/10/2017)

Overview of courses taught in English (in process)

Please note that for some courses, a pre-registration is required. The application deadline can be before the semester starts. You´ll find information about registration deadlines by clicking on the module number link. If you want to attend a Seminar please make sure that you checked potential registration deadlines responsively. Please make sure that you check this website regularly due to possible changes in process.

To cope with the overlapping semester times between the University of Göttingen and different universities from abroad, the Faculty of Economic Sciences is offering an increasing amount of english-taught-modules with variational lecture periods to our incoming and outgoing students.

Beginning of lectures: 16. October 2017

Ending of lectures:
02. February 2018
(if not announced differently)


Business Administration
Modul-No.TitleContentLecturerCredits (ECTS) Time period
B.WIWI-BWL.0052Logistic ManagementDownload course description hereGeldermann6Oct - Dec
B.WIWI-BWL.0078Global Virtual Project ManagementDownload course description hereFroese6Oct - Dec
B.WIWI-BWL.0087International MarketingDownload course description hereJahn6Oct - Dec
B.WIWI-BWL.0084Company Taxation in the European Union + PracticalDownload course description hereOestreicher6Oct - Dec
B.WIWI-BWL.0082Seminar Corporate ValuationDownload course description hereDierkes6Oct - Jan
B.WIWI-BWL.0095Seminar in Corporate FinanceDownload course description hereMerz6Oct - Jan
B.WIWI-BWL.0091Asian Business and EconomicsDownload course description hereRichardson (Guest lector)6Jan - Mar

Modul-No.TitleContentLecturerCredits (ECTS) Time period
B.WIWI-VWL.0044/ B.WIWI-VWL.0046
[registration deadline]
Seminar: Economics of the very long run - Economic Development in the Very Long RunDownload course description hereStrulik6 Oct - Jan
B.WIWI-VWL.0045 / B.WIWI-VWL.0046
[registration deadline]
Seminar: Empirical TradeDownload course description hereBerger6 Oct - Jan
B.WIWI-VWL.0045 / B.WIWI-VWL.0046
[registration deadline]
Seminar: International Financial MarketsDownload course description hereBerger6 Oct - Jan
B.WIWI-VWL.0045 / B.WIWI-VWL.0046
[registration deadline]
Seminar: The causes and consequences of conflictsDownload course description hereKis-Katos6 Oct - Jan
B.WIWI-VWL.0068Aspects of European IntegrationDownload course description hereWurzel6 Nov - Jan
B.WIWI-VWL.0009Labor Economics + PracticalDownload course description hereKis-Katos6Oct - Feb
B.WIWI-VWL.0059International Financial Markets + PracticalDownload course description hereBerger6Oct - Feb
B.WIWI-VWL.0069Urban Economics + PracticalDownload course description hereKis-Katos6Oct - Feb
B.WIWI-WB.0009/ M.WIWI-WB.0007Political Economy of FinanceDownload course description hereBizer6Oct - Mar

Statistics and Econometics
Modul-No.TitleContentLecturerCredits (ECTS) Time period
[registration deadline]
Introduction to StataDownload course description hereKhan3 Oct


Business Administration
Modul-No.TitleContentLecturerCredits (ECTS) Time period
[registration deadline]
Seminar on Tax Transfer PricingDownload course description hereDawid (Guest lector)6Jul - Oct
[only Exam]
Corporate Development + Practical Download course description hereMaurer6Nov
M.WIWI-BWL.0004Financial Risk ManagementDownload course description hereKorn6Oct - Dec
M.WIWI-BWL.0031Sustainable ProductionDownload course description hereGeldermann6Oct - Dec
M.WIWI-BWL.0075Pricing Strategy + Practical Download course description hereBoztug6Oct - Dec
M.WIWI-BWL.0109International Human Resource Management Download course description hereFroese6Oct - Dec
[registration deadline]
Seminar: Selected Topics in Asian Business and ManagementDownload course description hereFroese6Oct - Dec
[registration deadline]
Survey ResearchDownload course description hereFroese6Oct - Dec
[registration deadline]
Seminar: International Management ResearchDownload course description hereMerchant (Guest lector)6Oct - Dec
M.WIWI-BWL.0133Banking Supervision + Practical Download course description here Koizol (Guest lector)6Nov - Jan
M.WIWI-BWL.0126Consumer Science & Public Policy + Practical Download course description hereBoztug6Dec - Jan
M.WIWI-BWL.0137Electronic Commerce SystemsDownload course description hereNickerson (Guest lector)6Jan
M.WIWI-WIN.0001Modeling and System DevelopmentDownload course description hereSchumann6Oct - Feb
[registration deadline]
Change & Run IT + PracticalDownload course description hereKolbe6Oct - Feb
M.WIWI-WIN.0019Business Intelligence and Decision Support SystemsDownload course description hereMuntermann6Oct - Feb
M.WIWI-BWL.0139 Discrete Choice ModelingDownload course description here Elshiewy6Oct - Feb
[registration deadline]
Machine Learning in the Context of Digital TransformationDownload course description hereHanelt12Oct - Feb
M.WIWI-BWL.0105International Company Taxation + PracticalDownload course description hereOestreicher6Oct - Feb
[registration deadline]
Seminar: Strategic Human Resource DevelopmentDownload course description hereBader6Jan - Feb
M.WIWI-BWL.0130 Doing Business in Asia Download course description hereRichardson (Guest lector)6Jan - Feb
M.WIWI-BWL.0138 Research MethodsDownload course description hereBonache (Guest lector)6Jan - Mar

Modul-No.TitleContentLecturerCredits (ECTS) Time period
M.WIWI-VWL.0019Advanced Development EconomicsDownload course description hereIbañez Diaz6Oct - Nov
[registration deadline]
Seminar: Development Economics IV: Gender and DevelopmentDownload course description hereKlasen6Oct - Jan
[registration deadline]
Seminar in Financial EconometricsDownload course description hereBerger6Oct - Dec
M.WIWI-VWL.0123Seminar: Recent Topics in MacroeconomicsDownload course description hereStrulik6Oct - Dec
M.WIWI-VWL.0128Deep Determinants of Growth and Development + PracticalDownload course description hereWerner6Oct - Dec
[registration deadline]
Seminar: European and Global TradeDownload course description hereMartínez-Zarzoso6Oct - Jan
[registration deadline]
Seminar: The Latin American Economies: Crises and ReformsDownload course description hereNowak-Lehmann Danziger6Oct - Jan
M.WIWI-VWL.0125Applied International EconomicsDownload course description hereAbeliansky6Oct - Jan
[registration deadline]
Seminar Experimental EconomicsDownload (new) course description hereKeser6Oct-Jan
[registration deadline]
Seminar Topics in Behavioral EconomicsDownload course description hereKeser6Oct-Jan
M.WIWI-VWL.0026 / M.WIWI-VWL.0036
[registration deadline]
Seminar zur InnovationsökonomikDownload course description hereBizer6Nov-Jan
M.WIWI-VWL.0085Advanced MicroeconomicsDownload course description hereIbañez Diaz6Oct - Feb
M.WIWI-VWL.0099Poverty & InequalityDownload course description hereVollmer6Oct - Feb
M.WIWI-VWL.0008Development Economics I + PracticalDownload course description here Priebe6Oct - Feb
M.WIWI-VWL.0010Development Economics III + PracticalDownload course description hereFilipiak6Oct - Feb
[registration deadline]
Seminar: Sustainable Development, Trade and the EnvironmentDownload course description hereMartínez-Zarzoso6Oct - Feb
M.WIWI-VWL.0150Advanced Game TheoryDownload course description hereMüller6Oct - Feb
M.WIWI-VWL.0083Economic Reform and Social Justice in IndiaDownload course description hereVollmer6Oct - Feb
M.WIWI-VWL.0086Open Economy Macroeconomics + PracticalDownload course description hereStrulik6Oct - Feb
[registration deadline]
International Trade + PracticalDownload course description hereBerger6Oct - Feb
M.WIWI-VWL.0137Seminar Games in Economic DevelopmentDownload course description hereIbañez Diaz6Oct - Feb
M.WIWI-VWL.0138Quasi-Experiments in Development EconomicsDownload course description hereVollmer6Oct - Feb
M.WIWI-VWL.0140Economics of EducationDownload course description hereKhan6Oct - Feb
M.WIWI-VWL.0141The Economics of Information and Internet + PracticalDownload course description hereGaudeul6Oct - Feb
M.WIWI-VWL.0144International Economic Policy: Replication courseDownload course description hereKis-Katos6Oct - Feb
M.WIWI-VWL.0153Advanced Labour EconomicsDownload course description hereWang6Oct - Feb
M.WIWI-VWL.0040Empirical Trade Issues + PracticalDownload course description hereMartínez-Zarzoso6Dec - Feb
M.WIWI-VWL.0122Seminar on Behavioral Development EconomicsDownload course description hereIbañez Diaz6Feb - Apr

History of Global Markets
Modul-No.TitleContentLecturerCredits (ECTS) Time period
[registration deadline]
Global Varieties of CapitalismDownload course description hereLogemann6Oct

Faculty of Agricultural Sciences
Modul-No.TitleContentLecturerCredits (ECTS) Time period
M.Agr.0106China Economic Development: From an agricultural economy to an emerging economy Download course description hereYu6Oct - Feb
M.SIA.E11Socioeconomics of Rural Development and Food SecurityDownload course description hereQaim6Oct-Feb
M.SIA.E13MMicroeconomic Theory of Agricultural Production Download course description hereQaim3Oct-Feb
M.SIA.E13MQuantitative Methods in Agricultural Business Economics Download course description hereMußhoff3Oct-Feb
M.SIA.E23Global Agricultural Value Chains and Developing CountriesDownload course description hereWollni6Oct - Feb

Statistics and Econometics
Modul-No.TitleContentLecturerCredits (ECTS) Time period
M.WIWI-QMW.0009Introduction to Time Series Analysis + PracticalDownload course description hereHerwartz6Oct
[registration deadline]
Scientific ProgrammingDownload course description hereHerwartz3Oct - Nov
[registration deadline]
Advanced Topics in StataDownload course description hereVollmer6Jan
M.WIWI-QMW.0002Advanced Statistical Inference (Likelihood & Bayes) + PracticalDownload course description hereKneib6Oct - Feb
M.WIWI-QMW.0004Econometrics I + Practical, TutorialDownload course description hereBruns6Oct - Feb
M.WIWI-QMW.0016Spatial StatisticsDownload course description hereKneib6Oct - Feb
M.WIWI-QMW.0020Practical Statistical TrainingDownload course description hereKneib6Oct - Feb
M.WIWI-QMW.0025Development MircoeconometricsDownload course description hereWalle6Oct - Feb
M.WIWI-QMW.0021Intoduction to R Download course description hereKneib3Oct - Apr