In publica commoda

Dear International Students,

I would like to wish you a very warm welcome to our University. With a broad range of subjects and comprehensive information and support services, we offer you excellent study conditions. In terms of your new place of residency, you have certainly hit the jackpot with the “little metropolis Göttingen”. All students appreciate everything being within such close proximity—the town centre, the campus, the train station, the main cafeteria and the central library. You can get active in your free time with the many cultural and sporting activities that it offers. The relaxing, cosmopolitan atmosphere of this city will make it easy for you to quickly feel at home.

Now that you have arrived in Göttingen, you will be experiencing many new and exciting changes. The organisation of a study programme and the structure of our University will most likely differ from what you are accustomed to at the institutions of higher learning in your homeland. The orientation and advisory services offered within the individual disciplines and faculties, as well as our International Office, are aimed at helping you get your first year off to a flying start. Make the most of our support! We also encourage you to avail yourself of the opportunities to shape your University by joining a student committee or academic body like the Council of International Students (ASR).

You will find literature relating to your course of studies, and much more, at our multi-award-winning University Library, aka the SUB, which also holds workshops on research and writing. To attain qualifications that stretch beyond your degree programme, our Centre for Languages and Transferable Skills (ZESS) features a wide variety of courses for you to choose from. Those who need a break from learning could find the variety they’re looking for at the University Sports Centre or the student theatre. Make the most of these offerings! I would hereby like to cordially invite you to take part in the Introductory Week for International Students, which takes place at the beginning of the summer semester.

You will be studying at an internationally renowned and accredited university that is well networked with excellent on-site research facilities at the Göttingen Campus as well as with many leading universities from all over the world. Best wishes for an interesting and productive stay at our university—may the Georgia Augusta turn out to be your new academic home. First and foremost, I wish you much fun and success in your studies, whilst being certain that you will be able to muster the necessary composure and perseverance to overcome any difficulties that may lie ahead.

I warmly welcome you to Göttingen University!


Professorin Dr. Dr. h.c. Ulrike Beisiegel
President, Göttingen University