WS 2022/2023: Course Commentaries and Timetabling

Please Use EXA!

The course information system UniVZ has been replaced by EXA, taking effect from 01 Jul 2022 (see the uni newsletter entry). Please be aware that the course information in UniVZ are not updated any longer. The UniVZ information for the winter semester 2022/2023 courses is highly unreliable and incorrect. Please use only EXA for creating a timetable! Information on the winter semester courses is mostly correct as of now (27 Jul) and will be finalised by the end of the first week of August at the very latest.

Workshop: EXA for Engls

Dr. Reitemeier offers a short introduction to how to use EXA for timetabling purposes on 01 Aug 2022 (10.15-11.45am) specifically targeting students of the degree programmes at the English Department. Students enrolled in the MA ELLC can use the workshop for the Academic Skills module. The recording can be accessed through the link below.