Submitted Papers & Preprints

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    distreg.vis: Interactively visualizing distributional regression models
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    Noncrossing structured additive multiple-output Bayesian quantile regression models
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    Reducing fertilizer and avoiding herbicides in oil palm plantations - ecological and economic valuations
  4. Klein, N., Hothorn, T. and Kneib, T. (2019)
    Multivariate Conditional Transformation Models
  5. Hambuckers, J. and Kneib, T. (2019)
    Operational risk, uncertainty, and the economy: a smooth transition extreme value approach
  6. Marques, I., Klein,. N. and Kneib, T. (2019)
    Non-Stationary Spatial Regression for Modelling Monthly Precipitation in Germany
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    Flexible instrumental variable distributional regression
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    Conditional Covariance Penalties for Mixed Models
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    Modelling Regional Patterns of Efficiency: A Bayesian Approach to Geoadditive Panel Stochastic Frontier Analysis with an Application to Cereal Production in England and Wales
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    Treatment Effects Beyond the Mean: A Practical Guide Using Distributional Regression
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    Mixed Discrete-Continuous Regression - A Novel Approach Based on Weight Functions
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    Determinants of the Variability of Oxygen Saturation during the First Minutes of Life of Term Neonates
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    Intergenerational social mobility in the United States: A multivariate analysis using Bayesian distributional regression
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