Description of research activities as Counterpart:
Working on nutrient content and decomposition rate of oil palm frond Identification and characterisation of endogenous nickelhyperaccumulating species from Sulawesi

Description of activities as project coordinator:
Dr. Aiyen Tjoa serves the office in Jambi as project coordinator. She is in charge of the office management.
Aiyen manages the organization of research and sample export permits, and supervises the infrastructure and field logistics including the coordination of the EFForTS core plots and the oil palm management experiment located at PTPN VI. Besides, together with the UNJA representative of EFForTS, Dr. Bambang Irawan, Dr. Tjoa is responsible for the establishment of networks and strategic partnerships with counterparts and stakeholders. Also, Aiyen coordinates capacity building measures at UNJA, for example the development of the EFForTS laboratory and the herbarium. Lastly, she manages knowledge transfer and public relation activities of EFForTS in Jambi.