Susana, EAFIT Medellín/ Colombia, Development Economics (winter semester 2018/19)

I chose Göttingen for my exchange semester because of the high quality of the university: The programme is one of the most recognized ones in Germany in terms of development economics, which allows me to learn from experts in poverty, inequality, socioeconomics, behavioral and development economics.

If I was able to say in one word what I like about the city, it would be: environment. Since this is a city that is filled with students from different fields of study and different countries, you can find several environments in Göttingen that can fit different preferences: you have the academic, international, cultural, sport, nightlife, adventure, nature environments. There is always some event going on, and, of course, its location is perfect for travelling around Germany. The university has great spaces and the lectures (and professors) have exceeded my expectations.