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  • Kramer T.,Mierwaldt D.,Scherff M.,Kanbach M., Jooss Ch.:
Developing an in situ environmental TEM set up for observations of resistive switching mechanism in Pt-Pr1-xCaxMnO3-Pt sandwich structures, submitted
  • NestkeS.,Kügler M.,Scholz J.,Wilken M.,Joss Ch.,Siewert I.:
A Copper Complex as Catalyst in Proton Reduction, Eur.J.Inorg.Chem. (2017) DOI:10.1002/ejic.201700154
  • Kramer T.,Scherff M.,Mierwaldt D.,Hoffmann J., Jooss Ch.:
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  • Raiser D, Mildner S, Ifland B, Sotoudeh M, Blöchl P, Techert S, Jooss Ch:
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  • Odrobina J, Scholz J, Pannwitz A, Francàs L, Dechert S, Llobet A, Jooss Ch, Meyer F:
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  • Sotoudeh M, Rajpurohit S, Blöchl PE, Mierwaldt D, Norpoth J, Roddatis V, Mildner S, Ifland B, Jooss Ch:
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  • Martin J, Gräf M, Krammer Th, Jooss Ch, Weitzel KM:
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An End Station for Resonant Inelastic X-ray Scattering Studies of Solid and Liquid Samples , J. Synchr. Rad. 24 (2017)

Publikationen 2016

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The 3Omega-method for a bottom electrode geometry, Physica Status Solidi A 213 (2016) 649 - 661

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Publikationen 2014

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From Sunscreen to Solar Cells - A Science Outreach Project Connecting School and University, New Perspective for Science Education, Conference Proceedings Libreriauniversitati (2014) 187 - 191 (ISBN 978-88-6292-469-6)

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Trace phase detection and strain characterization from serial X-ray free-electron laser crystallography of a Pr0.5Ca0.5MnO3 powder, Powder Diffraction (2014)

Publikationen 2013

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Publikationen 2012

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Publikationen 2011

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Publikationen 2010

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Publikationen 2008

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Publikationen 2007

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Publikationen 2006

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Publikationen 2004

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Publikationen 2003

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Publikationen 2002

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Publikationen 2001

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