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Matthias Waltert 2014_3

PD Dr. Matthias Waltert
Conservation Biology/
Workgroup on Endangered Species
Bürgerstrasse 50
37075 Goettingen/Germany
Tel.: ++49 (551) 395638
Fax: ++49 (551) 399234


PD Dr. Matthias Waltert

Research Interests

Wildlife Biology and Population Ecology
Land Use And Tropical Biodiversity
Wildlife Management
Conservation and Development


Wildlife Assessment
Conservation Biology
International Nature Conservation

Geographical Foci

Old-World Tropics
Middle East

Current Projects

Completed projects


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This paper was evaluated at the "faculty of 1000"....

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Quotes from student evaluations of an excursion

"I also thought Matthias did a great job teaching about so many things in the forest"

"Matthias is a very knowledgeable man. I like that he brought something new and interesting to our stay in the forest. It was very cool getting to see all of those birds up close. He's a kind and gentle person."

"Birding was more fun than I would have thought. The birds should stay part of the Korup experience."

"I really enjoyed my time with [Matthias]. His teaching style is very hands-on and I liked how he gave us a summary at the end of the week. Everything clicked together."

"[Matthias] was my favorite guest instructor. I loved the bird work he added to the program and I thought he had a lot of useful knowledge to pass along."

"Matthias was great. I could tell he has done many forest-based education. He taught us a lot but in ways that varied enough to keep my interest for several hours. Also, his knowledge was better conveyed and he made his teaching more comfortable and less rigid than [other instructors]"