Early Jewish Monotheisms
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There are various ways in which established academics and doctoral students can become involved with the project should they wish:

SBL. There is a unit at the annual Society of Biblical Literature conference devoted to the subject of Early Jewish Monotheism(s) [see blog post].

Research in Göttingen. There also exist opportunities to spend a sabbatical or a portion of doctoral research at the University of Göttingen during the duration of the research project (2009-14) and to participate in the regular meetings of the research group. Possible provides of funding include: the Alexander von Humboldt Foundation (post-doctoral fellowships) and the German Academic Exchange Service (doctoral and post-doctoral research visits). Those interested in pursuing such possibilities should contact Dr Nathan MacDonald.

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A Yehud coin depicting a local deity. more...
By permission of the British Museum.

The Sofja-Kovaleskaja Research Team, “Early Jewish Monotheisms”, conducts research on the unity and diversity of monotheisms in the biblical texts from the exilic and Persian periods.