Marc Arwed Rutke

Brief Biography:

Marc Arwed Rutke, born in Kamen (NRW), was schooled in Germany and New Zealand and studied/worked in Thailand, the UK, Canada, Japan and Namibia.

Dipl. ACG Senior College of New Zealand in Auckland, New Zealand; B.A. Hons. in Politics & International Relations at the University of Essex in Colchester, UK;
M.A. in International Relations (with distinction) at Queen´s University in Kingston (Ontario), Canada on a University Funded Scholarship and Teaching/Research Assistantship.

Prior to joining the Euroculture "Family", Marc Arwed Rutke worked for a number of organisations in Japan, at an architectural firm in Germany and has done voluntary work for several organisations.

Coordinator and Supervisor of the transdisciplinary, international and inter-university project in Göttingen and board member of the EuCu Consortium Management Committee since 03/2008. Primarily, Marc Arwed Rutke is dealing with and is responsible for the overall coordination and supervision as well as the management of finances, fundraising and networking.

Erasmus Mundus Action 3 Visiting Representative of the European Commission funded Euroculture Consortium at the UNAM in Mexico City (08-09/2008); Liaison officer on a DAAD/Goettingen International Grant at the India Office of the University of Goettingen in Pune and various institutions in Mumbai and New Delhi in the fall of 2012 and 2017 and senior researcher of the EU in Depth Project by the EU at Kuban State University in Krasnodar, Russia in the fall of 2014. In the summer of 2017 once again Erasmus Mundus Visiting Representative of the European Commission at the University of Pune.

Since 2013, Marc Arwed Rutke is also the project leader of the DAAD/German Foreign Ministry (AA) project "Euroculture: Europe in the Wider World" and senior reseacher in the project "EUinDepth: European Identity, Cultural Diversity and Political Change" of the European Community.

Attended the Intensive Programmes in all the European partner universities and represented Euroculture and the University at organisations/institutions in Spain, Italy, Sweden, Belgium, Belarus, Russia, the UK, Lithuania, Japan, India, Luxembourg, Namibia, Ukraine, Portugal, South Africa and the US. Marc Arwed Rutke is also part of the European Studies IP Steering Committee.

Supervision (Courses, Internships and MA Theses):

Current supervision covers the Euroculture modules on ''Europe in the Wider World'' and ''Eurocompetences I. to III.'' Has also supervised the Euroculture module on the "Construction of Europe" and has taught "Introduction to Politics and Government" at Queen's University. Moreover, Marc Arwed Rutke supervises and oversees the Euroculture Professional Track and MA Theses.

Research Interests / Moderation:

Foreign and Security Policy; European and German Politics; International Political Economy; Globalization and Global Governance; Russian and Japanese Politics.

Moderated discussions with guests, such as Jürgen Trittin (former Federal Minister for the Environment) on ''Energy Policies in Europe: Necessities and Challenges of a European Solution''; Dr. Heiko Hesse (Economist at the IMF) on "The Global Financial Crisis-Systemic Risk and Spillovers"; Günter Verheugen (former vice-president of the European Commission and former European Commissioner for Enlargement) on "10 Jahre EU-Osterweiterung: Politische Reflektionen und Ausblicke"; Jens-Peter Bonde (Former MEP) on ''Discussing Europe in Crisis & the Future of Europe''; Roderick Parkes (Head of the Brussels Office of the German Institute for International and Security Affairs, SWP) and Arne Molfenter (Information Officer-in-Charge, United Nations) on their respective careers.


When not coordinating, Marc Arwed Rutke has passions for travelling, the arts (art history, photography, film), literature (fiction & non-fiction), architecture and various sports (tennis, golf, football, pétanque, swimming ...).