Faculty of Physics

Juniorprofessur Kosmologie - Einbindung in Forschung und Lehre

The new professorship is expected to conduct a competitive research program on the evolution of cosmological structures and the physics of
the intergalactic medium. Possible fields of study include:

  • numerical simulations of large scale structure evolution
  • galaxy formation and evolution
  • evolution of galaxy clusters
  • physics of baryons in large scale structures
  • reionization of the universe
  • development of numerical methods for cosmological simulations, e.g.,
    radiation transport, chemical networks, code optimization for
    massively parallel architectures etc.

The successful candidate will be expected to contribute to the astrophysics curriculum in the bachelor and master programs of the faculty for physics. This includes regular introductory courses, seminars, lectures on selected research topics in the candidate's field of expertise, and the supervision of bachelor and master projects.

The candidate will also be expected to participate in the teaching requirements of the astro- and geophysics branch of the general physics program, and of the PhD program in his or her field of research. In particular, he or she will be encouraged to take part in the planned Collaborative Research Center on "Astrophysical Flow Instabilities and Turbulence".