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Two new PhD positions in experimental sign language research at Göttingen University

Bengt Förster in Göttingen

Bengt Förster GöttingenIn January, Bengt Förster visited the sign team in Göttingen and many visitors came to see his talk in German Sign Language on "Forms of (multiple) perspectives in character utterances of German Sign Language". The interpreters were Undine Schäfer and Katarina Klante.

Second volume of our new series Sign Language and Deaf Communities (SLDC, De Gruyter Mouton - Ishara) published:

Annika Herrmann (2013): Modal and Focus Particles in Sign Languages. A Cross-linguistic Study.

EU-Cost-Meeting in historical building. On the trail of Abbé de l'Epée

Abbé de l’Epée At the European project meeting of CostAction IS 1006 in Paris at the beginning of December 2013, we had the pleasure of working in the building and in the rooms of the so-called 'father' of French Sign Language, Abbé de l'Epée (1712-1789). On a guided tour, we visited the old library of this famous deaf school. Paintings, sculptures, and many stories gave an insight to the life and work of l'Epée, Sicard, Clerc, Bebián, Berthier, and other historical characters. A truly impressive journey!

Workshop "Priming across Modalities" November 28, 2013, Universität of Göttingen

Movie "Lautlose Flucht" in Frankfurt am Main.

Filmpremiere Saturday, 2nd of November 2013, the premiere of the movie "Lautlose Flucht" took place at the cinema Metropolis in Frankfurt am Main. There was a reception preceding the movie and afterwards the director Reiner Mertz thanked the audience and the people that contributed to the movie over the past three years. Our sign team participated in this event and proudly supports the initiative.

More information can be found here:

First talk in the new colloquium series "Linguistics in Göttingen" (October 23, 2013, 4 pm, CRC Text Structures):
Roland Pfau (Amsterdam): The head shakes in patterns: A negative concord perspective on sign language negation

ERP study on transition phase in sign language published in Neuropsychologia

SLDC1 First volume of our new series Sign Language and Deaf Communities (SLDC, De Gruyter Mouton - Ishara) published:

Laurence Meurant, Aurélie Sinte, Mieke van Herreweghe and Myriam Vermeerbergen (eds.) (2013): Sign Language Research, Uses and Practices. Crossing Views on Theoretical and Applied Sign Language Linguistics.

DGfS Summer School 2013 "Language Development: Evolution, Change, Aquisition", August 12-30, 2013, Humboldt-University Berlin

"How to talk with your hands", Presentation and reception, 2. July 2013, 18.15, Medienraum of the German Deprartment

New Sign Language Classes: Sign Language in Göttingen is growing! Beginning this summer semester 2013, there will be two more sign languages classes financed by tuition fees. In addition to the regular DGS1 and DGS2 courses, we offer another DGS1 course and an advanced communication course. Students of German Philology may register as usual via StudIP.

Workshop on "Linguistic Foundations of Narration in Spoken and Sign Languages", 35th Annual Meeting of the German Linguistic Society (DGfS), March 13-15, 2013, University of Potsdam

Happy New Year from the Sign Team

New HSK volume on Sign Language
The handbook "Sign Language" aims to provide a concise and comprehensive overview of the state of the art in sign language linguistics. It includes 44 chapters, written by leading researchers in the field, that address issues in language typology, sign language grammar, psycholinguistics, neurolinguistics, sociolinguistics, and language documentation and transcription. Crucially, all topics are presented in a way that makes them accessible to linguists who are not familiar with sign language linguistics.

Fall School "Shifting Perspectives - Non-canonical Forms of Reported Discourse in Spoken and Sign Languages", University of Göttingen

Sign Language Summer School, University of Hamburg

SignGram Training School, University of Hamburg

Formal and Experimental Advances in Sign Language Theory (FEAST) 2012, University of Warsaw

Monthly Sign Language Meeting

Sign language chorus at the Deutsche Theeater (German Theater): A sign language chorus consisting of hearing and deaf signers will be part of a joint production of the Deutsche Theater in Göttingen and the sign language group of the German Department. Premiere: 14th of April, 2012.

More (in German)

Annika Herrmann gets the Wilhelm von Humboldt award for young researchers

Humboldt Award In March 2012, the German Linguistic Society awards Diana Forker (Universität Bamberg) und Annika Herrmann (Universität Göttingen) the Wilhelm von Humboldt-Price for the best dissertation. Annika Herrmann receives the award for her work "Modal Particles and Focus Particles in Sign Languages. A Cross-Linguistic Study of DGS, NGT and ISL." Both researchers will be given € 2000,- for their dissertations.

25th anniversary of the Institut für Deutsche Gebärdensprache und Kommunikation Gehörloser at the University of Hamburg

Sign Language Workshop, Annual Meeting of the German Linguistic Society 2012

AG 13 "Experimental Studies in Sign Language Research"
March 7, 2012, 1pm - 7pm

Call for Papers
Program AG 13

"Language as a Complex System", Goethe-University Frankfurt am Main

Please see the following link of the local organizers for registration, accommodation and further information:
34th DGfS Meeting, March 6 - 9, 2012

German Linguistic Society (DGfS)

COST Action: Workshop in Göttingen

October 15 - 16, 2011

COST Action Project

Lichtenberg-Kolleg Symposion

Startseite Sternwarte Lichtenbergkolleg
October 13 - 14, 2011

"Complex Sentences and Beyond in Sign and Spoken Languages"

New Sign Language Series

De Gruyter Mouton and Ishara Press present two new Sign Language Series:

Sign Languages and Deaf Communities (SLDC)
Series editors: Annika Herrmann, Markus Steinbach and Ulrike Zeshan

Sign Language Typology Series (SLTS)
Series editors: Marie Coppola, Onno Crasborn and Ulrike Zeshan

Guidelines for submitting a book proposal

Opening of the Sign Language Lab

Gebärdensprachlabor 4

24. February 2011

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