Lichtenberg-Kolleg - The Göttingen Institute for Advanced Study

The Spirit and the spirits. Religious and theological challenges in Brazil and Germany (6 to 8 July 2011)

For more than ten years, an intense co-operation between the Lutheran School of Theology (Escola Superior de Teologia, EST) at São Leopoldo, Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil, and the Joint Theological Seminaries of the University of Göttingen has been functioning. During the last four years, within the UNIBRAL CAPES/DAAD programme, the emphasis has been on the exchange of undergraduate students and, with shorter periods of stay, of professors. Guest lectures, guest seminars and even guest semesters were held on both sides. Now, the exchange programme shall shift its emphasis to co-operation in research. Given the growing religious pluralism both here and there, which are very often connected to the work of the Spirit who mediates the Divine into the multiform reality, and calls for an adequate perception by Religious Studies and theological analysis in ecumenical, intercultural and inter-religious dialogue, the overarching theme “The Spirit and the spirits” shall initiate a new round of scientific exchange and collaboration in common projects. Biblical Studies, Ethics, Systematic and Practical Theology as well as Religious Studies, with their respective representatives from Göttingen and Brazil (São Leopoldo, Juiz de Fora and Pelotas) will present and discuss their explorations.
This Workshop was initiated by Fellow Prof. Dr. Rudolf von Sinner and the Göttingen Associate Prof. Dr. Reinhard Feldmeier.