Human Geography

Prof. Dr. Heiko Faust


Recent Publications

  • Hartmann, F., Merten, J., Fink, M. and H. Faust (2018): Indonesia's Fire Crisis 2015 - A Twofold Perturbation on the Ground. Pacific Geographies # 49, February 2018, p. 4-11. //

  • Hein, J., Faust, H., Kunz, Y., Mardiana, R. (2018): The Transnationalisation of Competing State Projects: Carbon Offsetting and Development in Sumatra's Coastal Peat Swamps. January 2018, Antipode, //

  • Hermanns, T., Helming, K., König, H.J., Schmidt, K., Lia, Q. & Faust, H. (2017): Sustainability impact assessment of peatland-use scenarios: Confronting land use supply with demand. In: Ecosystem Services, Volume 26, Part B, August 2017, Pages 365-376. //