Human Geography

Prof. Dr. Heiko Faust


Recent Publications

  • Kunz, Y., Steinebach, S., Dittrich, C., Hauser-Schäublin, B., Rosyani, Ir., Soetarto, E. & H. Faust (2017): ´The fridge in the forest´: historical trajectories of land tenure regulations fostering landscape transformation in Jambi Province, Sumatra, Indonesia. Forest Policy and Economics 81 (2017) 1-9.

  • Hermanns, T., Helming, K., König, H.J., Schmidt, K., Lia, Q. & Faust, H. (2017): Sustainability impact assessment of peatland-use scenarios: Confronting land use supply with demand. In: Ecosystem Services (Available online: 22 March 2017, in press) (Link)

  • Karthe, D., Rehkopp, N., Faust, H. & Reeh, T. (2016): Regional disparities of microbiological drinking water quality: assessment of spatial pattern and potential sociodemographic determinants. In: Urban Water Journal (Published online: 09 Oct 2016) (Link)