Ph.D. Working Group on Applied Econometrics in Agricultural Economics

We are a group of Ph.D. students who meet every 2-3 weeks to discuss topics related to applied economics, applied econometrics and statistics. Furthermore, the meetings are:

  • Self-organised, topic-oriented meetings by Ph.D. students for Ph.D. students
  • Based on our main targets: to work together and improve technical knowledge and soft skills in order to be able to carry out sound analyses of empirical problems with the means of quantitative methods

Our Working Group gathers for an informal meeting with coffee and biscuits in a relaxed, but achievement-oriented atmosphere. The fundamental idea of the project is that each participant shall equally contribute and benefit.


  • Enrolment PhD student.
  • Interest in applied economics and quantitative methods
  • Regular participation
  • Some commitment
  • Motivation
  • Willingness to invest some time & effort

Topics, contents, dates of the meetings and all organisational questions are determined by consensus of the participants. Topics cover the discussion of econometric methods, presentation and critical discussion of one's own research, short courses in software and training of soft skills. In short, everything which is relevant for the capacity building of Ph.D. students as well as a successful Ph.D. degree…

If you are interested, please don’t hesitate to send an e-mail to: