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Which courses of study can I choose?

Discover and teach chemistry: The teacher training study course

Can you easily explain even difficult topics? You enjoy working with young people? Of course you like chemistry, but maybe you are also interested in a second subject? Then you might enjoy a teacher training course.

You can train to become a teacher at a grammar school or college with us. This is done in a two-subject Bachelor course and a subsequent Master of Education course. In addition to chemistry, you choose a second subject with the same volume as chemistry. Pedagogy and didactics topics will be added to this.

You can find detailed information about chemistry teacher training here:

Information two-subject Bachelor course

Information about Master of Education

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Entrance to our teacher training courses is limited. Please keep in mind to apply in good time.

You can apply for the two-subject Bachelor course here: Online application

You can apply for the Master of Education: Online application

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