Which courses of study can I choose?

Researching chemistry: PhD studies

The majority of our graduates adds a PhD at the end of their Master studies. Under guidance from a supervisory team of experienced professors, you will investigate a most current research question in chemistry in depth. In addition, you will advance your knowledge in special lectures, during conference visits, etc., where you will present your research findings. During your doctoral studies, you will benefit from a close link between chemistry and its related subjects as well as the Max-Planck Institutes on the Göttingen Campus. You will complete your doctoral studies with your thesis and its defence (disputation) in front of an exam committee. Not only will this provide the foundation for an academic career but also for attractive starting positions with management responsibilities in the industry.

You can complete your doctoral studies after a subject-specific study course as well as after a teacher training course.

You can find information about doctoral studies here: PhD studies

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