Human Geography

Junior - Prof. Dr. Dirk Felzmann

Main interests:

Educational reconstruction of geoscientific / physio-geographical issues

  • Which conceptions do students construe about a specific issue?
  • How can these constructions be explained?
  • What is the fundamental core of this issue from a scientific perspective?
  • Which consequences do result from these analyses for teaching the relevant issue?

Competence area "judgement"

  • How do students judge about controversies within man-environment-contexts (like geoengineering, nature protection)?
  • How can these controversies be structured by applied ethics?
  • How can the quality of students' judgements within these controversies be improved?

Gaining knowledge within geoscience

  • Which conceptions do students construe about gaining knowledge within geoscience?
  • How can the different ways of gaining knowledge within geoscience be categorized from an educational perspective?
  • How can understanding about gaining knowledge within geoscience be fostered?

  • HGD (Acadamic Association for Geography Education)
  • VDSG (Association of German Geography Teachers)
  • MNU (Association for Fostering STEM-Education)
  • NAGT (National Association of Geoscience Teachers)
  • IGEO (International Geoscience Education Organisation)