Department Physical Geography

Stephen Boahen Asabere, MSc.


    Junior researcher / PhD Candidate


    "Urbanisation, Resource use, and Ecosystem services; an analysis of urban form trajectories in selected cities of Ghana and their ecological footprints (Urban-RESS)"

    CONTEXT: With progressive human population, urban centres around the world have come to represent the extent of anthropogenic influence on our natural environment. This is exceptionally true for urban regions in Africa such as Ghana, which is characterised by high rates of urbanisation with underdeveloped infrastructure creating complex and heterogeneous landscapes that are still understudied.
    Urban-RESS, therefore aims to explore the contours of urban development patterns and associated influences on resources and its utilisation in some selected cities in Ghana. The project employs a combined remote sensing (optical and radar images) and field inventory data to develop an interdisciplinary assessment of ecological implications for urbanisation in Ghana.


    Resource utilization problems (Master)

    Landscape ecology: Environmental problems (Bachelor)

    Research Interests

  • Applied remote sensing and GIS in environmental science

  • Landscape systems and analysis

  • Urbanisation and urban form in sub-Sahara Africa

  • Urban soils and urban ecosystem services

  • Forest ecology and management

  • Environmental impact assessments