Two regional coordination offices were set up in Bogor (Bogor Agricultural University – IPB) and in Jambi (Jambi University - UNJA) to manage the multiple tasks on-site. Bogor serves as the central hub for additional cooperation partners, governmental and non-governmental stakeholders and administration institutions. Also, the import-and-export of samples and equipment as well as the financial accounting of project funds is processed at IPB.
In Jambi, UNJA is the (local) logistics centre. It connects to local authorities at district and village level. The UNJA office coordinates the operational management of the research plots and transportation to the study sites. The management of permits (research, export) is coordinated here. The university has provided EFForTS with a large building with laboratory, office and storage rooms as well as two guest houses for the researchers.
In the field we established four research hubs, two at rainforest sites and two at villages providing basic infrastructure including accommodation, electricity, internet, motorcycles and two small field labs. Currently, 4 vehicles and 26 motorbikes ensure transportation of researchers and equipment. Further, 3 field houses are available at Muara Bulian, Batu Kucing and Bungku, and 4 houses in Jambi city.