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Dr. Silke Oehrlein-Karpi has been working as a coach and a trainer for scientists since 2008. Before becoming a coach, she led a project group for the Collaborative Research Centre 490 in Mainz. During those ten years she worked as a biologist in the field of medical basic research and gained a lot of experience in setting up and successfully leading scientific projects. In terms of her current work, she uses her "insider knowledge" from her time in academia combined with her resource-oriented and diversity-related coaching perspective on individuals. She is a member of the Coachingnetz Wissenschaft e.V. Her group coaching workshops inspire, motivate and empower the participants in order to improve their self-efficacy regarding upcoming work situations and projects. More about her activities, you can find here.
Dr. Alexander Schiller was a junior professor and Heisenberg fellow (DFG) for inorganic chemistry at the University of Jena (Germany). The associate editor of “Reviews in Inorganic Chemistry” receives the prestigious MSMLG Czarnik Emerging Investigator Award 2017 & 2018. He broadened his portfolio with the training and coaching company „Schiller & Mertens GbR“. Since 2016 he is a fulltime trainer and “Certified Facilitator” by Thiagi. He conveys advanced research skills, such as communication, leadership, management and career development in science and methodology in university teaching. As still active researcher, group leader, trainer and coach, Dr. Schiller knows all the challenges of (natural) scientists and addresses them in an interactive learning environment.
For further information on Dr. Schiller’s training and coaching company and his research group check out his websites and
Gaby Schilling
Gaby Schilling studied Chemistry and did her doctoral studies in solid state chemistry. For more than 17 years, she held various leading positions in an internationally operating DAX 30 company in Germany and the US and was heading teams of experts and managers in science, product development and product safety. She has thus gained profound first-hand experience in all phases of collaboration with employees – from recruitment over career development and promotion to change of career. Qualifications to business coach and team coach complement her practical experience.
Since 2012, Gaby Schilling has been working as coach and consultant for natural scientists in leadership positions. She also runs workshops and trains groups whereby the main focus is on the transition from science into industry and taking over leadership tasks. Find out more about her activities here .
Nadine Sinclair
Nadine Sinclair is a strategy consultant, executive coach and entrepreneur, who started her career as a molecular biologist. Nadine completed her PhD at the Max Planck Institute for Biophysical Chemistry in the group of Prof. Dr. Reinhard Lührmann. Straight after her PhD, she switched career paths and joined McKinsey & Company as a strategy consultant. In the last few years, Nadine has founded several businesses, one of which she recently sold to an industry leader. She also trained as a Co-Active Coach and is a licensed NLP Master Practitioner. In the past decade, she has been serving clients in various industries and has worked with individuals, startups, foundations, large corporations and governments in more than 20 countries. Her latest venture helps executives and entrepreneurs make changes to habitual thought processes and behaviors based on the latest insights from neuroscience and psychology. Nadine Sinclair’s LinkedIn Profile