Margaret Maltby Programme
Mentoring for Young Female Scientists

Female Scientists in Leadership – Career Management through Mentoring

Mentoring has been employed successfully in the university environment as a process-oriented tool in academic personnel development for many years, tailored towards the professionalization and profiling of female scientists in research and management.

With the Margaret Maltby Programme, the University Medical Centre Göttingen aims to optimize career opportunities particularly for young female scientists. The ultimate aim is to increase the numbers of women in positions of leadership.

The Programme is aimed at young female scientists wishing to embark on a scientific or science-related career in the fields of medicine, the natural sciences or psychology. We are specifically looking for postdocs and doctorate students, doctors in training, group leaders, and habilitands of the University Medical Centre Göttingen, as well as from institutions of the entire Göttingen Campus.

The Programme commences in April every two years and runs for 24 months. Up to 20 mentees are selected per class. The core of systematic mentoring comprises the accompaniment of a young female scientist – the mentee – along a section of her career path by an experienced person of leadership – the mentor. The total concept is based on four pillars: the mentoring-tandem, coaching in peergroups, training and networking.

Coordination Office Mentoring

University Medical Centre Göttingen
G3-25 Personnel Development
Von-Bar-Str. 2/4, 37075 Göttingen

Ulla Heilmeier M.A. (Coordinator)
Tel.: 39-64046

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