Richard Paulson, Managing Director, Amgen GmbH

At Amgen, corporate responsibility means also taking on responsibility towards society. Alongside its charitable projects, Amgen and the Amgen Foundation have shown their commitment to society for years by focusing on educational programmes. The Germany Scholarship is designed to foster gifted young students – irrespective of their origins or financial means – whilst honouring outstanding achievements and, at the same time, laying the foundation for a scholarship culture in Germany. We are convinced that the initiatives like this one are exactly the right way to secure Germany's place at the pinnacle of knowledge nations moving towards the future. As one of the global leaders in biotechnology, Amgen knows where its success comes from: excellence in science and research placed in the hands of highly qualified employees. That is why we are participating in the Germany Scholarship Programme and promoting students at outstanding universities in Germany, just as we do here at Göttingen University.