I became aware of my current employer Sycor from an ad I saw the PraxisBörse fair. After an intensive conversation at the BewerberCafe at the PraxisBörse I decided to apply for a job at the company. After a short period, I was invited to a job interview and I was offered a job shortly afterwards."

Daniele Del Vecchio
Junior Consulting at Sycor

I visited PraxisBörse to get a better understanding about work experience opportunities during my studies. At the exhibition stand of Sartorius I talked with a student trainee and he convinced me to apply for a position within the department of finance. Today I am working as a student trainee. This allows me to get a better understanding of the daily professional life while studying."

Christine Terhalle
Working student at Sartorius

At the PraxisBörse I took the opportunity to get in contact with companies from several professional fields. Thereby I was able to get in touch with companies that corresponded with my interests and strengths. As a scientist, I also had a look at untypical professional fields for me, such as financial services companies. This experience was quite helpful for planning my personal future. I am very glad that PraxisBörse offered me the opportunity to get an insight into several companies. Currently I am working as an application engineer at the Mahr GmbH."

David Köhne
Application engineer at Mahr GmbH

I am very glad that I got insights into the company Mahr GmbH during the excursion as well as at the PraxisBörse."

Dr. Christoph Blum
Application engineer at Mahr GmbH