Impressions of the penal discussion "Cannabisverbot - eine betäubende Gesetzeslage?"

"Prohibition of Cannabis - a narcotic state of law?"

On May 8th our penal discussion "Cannabisverbot - eine betäubende Gesetzeslage (Prohibition of Cannabis - a narcotic state of law?)" took place. The discussion was co-hosted by DAF - Demokratische Aktion Fachschaft.

Thanks to the audience and especially to the experts for coming and discussion this very well debated topic.

A review is available here (German only).

Following you can find a selection of photos.

Cannabis PodDis 2018 01

The discussion was introduced by a short presentation by Prof. Dr. Ursula Havemann-Reinecke regarding the psychiatric-biological view on the legalisation of Cannabis.
(Photo: Nils Mascher)

Cannabis PodDis 2018 02

A lively and interesting discussion followed. The audience was able to ask questions and to participate in the debate.
(Photo: Nils Mascher)

Cannabis PodDis 2018 03

The experts on stage (from the left to the right): Jochen Gebauer, Prof. Dr. Ursula Havemann-Reinecke, Kristine Plank, Konstantin Kuhle, Dr. Patrick Riebe
(Photo: Nils Mascher)