International Autumn School "Networking, Economic Approaches, Policies, Education and Future Strategies"

Date and Venue: 08 – 18 November 2010, Georg-August-Universität Göttingen


The Autumn School is being organized by the Centre for Tropical and Subtropical Agriculture and Forestry (CeTSAF) and the Centre for Nature Conservation (CNC), Georg-August-University Göttingen, Germany.It takes place in the framework of the German Alumni Biodiversity Network (GAInBiNet).

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Biodiversity conservation and management, in view of its important role in food security and coping with malnutrition and climate change, particularly in developing countries, are one of the global key issues. Against this background, the global Alumni Biodiversity Network “GAInBiNet” organizes Summer/ Autumn Schools and Workshops, which eventually will serve as a base for exchange of information and skill enhancement in aspects being important for teaching. Moreover the initiation of Research Projects in bioclimatic similar ecosystems will be facilitated. A joint support and supervision of students, as well as the establishment of larger Cooperative Projects are further important goals. The German Alumni International Biodiversity Network GAInBiNet has the objective to foster this type of networking on
international level.


This Autumn School aims to intensify the collaboration within GAInBiNet. Therefore the Network will be extended to a more global structure through integration of the existing and newly established regional German alumni networks, thus crosscutting from regional to global. Furthermore regional impact will be enhanced through
this kind of events on specific thematic areas of regional importance and may thus stabilize existing and establish new foci for future collaboration in research and education in various countries.

Thematic Background

The content of the Autumn School is arranged along the overall theme “networking”. Subtopics which will be dealt with in presentations, discussions, exercises and excursion are:


  • Formation of a global network on biodiversity by incorporating regional networks into GAInBINeT

  • Integrate GAInBINeT into national and international biodiversity networks

  • Improve communication and coordination among institutions, national and international

  • Promoting policies to integrate stakeholder and public in biodiversity strategies and management

  • Economic approaches and policies

  • How to link ecosystem services (e.g. ‘non-use values’) and economic approaches to the policy decision process?

  • Economic impact of the global loss of biodiversity

  • Economic value and business case of biodiversity and ecosystem services

  • Sustainability and financial markets and economic incentives

  • Environmental, social and governance challenges through loss of biodiversity

  • Education

  • Educating people and raising awareness about the importance of biological diversity and the need to conserve it

  • Develop curricula to include biodiversity conservation and management in the national education system
  • Lack of monitoring and evaluation (impact assessment), integrate stakeholders and public particularly in assessing impacts of biodiversity and development projects

  • Participants

    Invited participants should be graduates from German Universities and/or former DAAD scholarship holders that are involved in existing regional and international networks, or working in biodiversity related. GAInBiNet members are especially encouraged to participate.

    Cost Coverage

    The German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) is providing financial support for the Autumn School. The following costs will
    be covered:

    • Travel expenses (hometown-Frankfurt return ticket, Frankfurt-Göttingen return train ticket, based on receipts)

    • Accommodation and Living costs (07.11.2010- 19.11.2010)

    • Health insurance (max. 30 €, based in receipts)

    • Excursion (travel, meals)

    • Course material

    • Social and cultural programme

    • Deadlines

      25 August 2010: Abstract submission

      15 September 2010: Notification to invited participants

      Travel grantees commit themselves to hand in their full papers (5 pages max.) by
      15 October 2010, so that the Autumn School´s documents can be prepared accordingly.