Olga Bachmann

Olga Bachmann completed her BSc in Psychology in Plymouth, England. Afterwards, she studied at University of Göttingen for her MSc. During that time, she worked at the German Primate Centre for Prof. Treue as well as at the Courant Research Centre for Prof. Schacht. During this time as a research assistant she worked with the methods of psychophysics, eye-tracking and electroencephalography (EEG). For her MSc thesis, supervised by Prof. Gibbons, she recorded EEG while participants engaged in a decision-making task (embedded in a priming paradigm).
Since she completed her MSc in 2012 she is now working with Prof. Schacht on a project on the neuro-cognitive mechanisms of affect processing. Olga Bachmann is interested in how far emotions influence decision-making. Particularly, she focuses on the question if implicitly processed emotions are more powerful in influencing decision-making compared to explicitly processed emotions.