Department Experimental Phycology and Culture Collection of Algae (EPSAG)
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Prof. Dr. Thomas Friedl
Head of Department EPSAG
PHONE +49 551 397868

Research Projects at EPSAG

The department EPSAG with the SAG Culture Collection focuses on the Biodiversity of Algae in research and education.

  • In various research projects molecular signatures, i.e. DNA sequences and genomic fragments, are determined to assess the diversity of algae and cyanobacteria in certain habitats and infer their phylogenetic relationships.

  • To study algal community structures in various terrestrial habitats culture-independent molecular methods as well as isolating new culture strains including the study of algal morphological features are used.

Currently funded Research Projects:

  • Antarctic Research: Soil algae in glacier forefields of Antarctica (DFG SPP 1158 Antarktisforschung mit vergleichenden Untersuchungen in arktischen Eisgebieten)

  • EarthShape: Biofilms associated with rock surfaces and rock weathering along a climate gradient in Chile (DFG SPP 1803 EarthShape: Earth Surface Shaping by Biota)

  • PUFAChain: The Value Chain from Microalgae to PUFA (EU FP7) (project web site under construction>)

  • KALT: Cryostress - adaptation mechanisms of cells towards ultra deep temperatures (Leibniz Associaction and DSMZ-German Collection of microroganisms and cell lines) (project web site under construction>)

  • High CO2 tolerant algae: Production of algal biomass from industrial CO2-rich flue gasses for biofuels and valuable compounds (Scientific Cooperation Niedersachsen - Israel of VolkswagenStiftung) (project web site under construction>)

Recently Completed Research Projects: