Stefanie Rößler

Stefanie Rößler studied German philology and economic and social history in Göttingen. In 2012 she finished her Master‘s degree in German linguistics. During her Master’s studies she spent one year at the Åbo Akademi and at the Turun Yliopisto in Turku (Finland). Further she worked as a research assistant at the psycholinguistic laboratory of the department of linguistics. There she was involved in designing and running reading time and eye tracking experiments. Since October 2012 she has been a research assistant for linguistics at the Department of German Philology in Göttingen. She writes her PhD thesis under supervision of Prof. Dr. Anke Holler on restrictions of indirect anaphoric referentiality. She is especially interested in psycholinguistics with focus on the resolution of anaphora in text, morphology, information structure and experimental methods.