Summer School- Managing Biodiversity in Developing Countries

Biodiversity in Germany
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Date and venue: 18 - 31 May 2008, Georg-August Universität, Göttingen, Germany

The Summer School 2008 on „Summer School- Managing Biodiversity in Developing Countries“ is going to be organized by the Center for Tropical and Subtropical Agriculture and Forestry (CeTSAF) with the funding through German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) targeting the scientists and practitioner German Alumni from the developing countries.

The Summer School consists of significant contributions from participants from South-East Asia, China, Latin America, Iran and Egypt-Arab region related to biodiversity conservation. In addition, there are key speakers and resource persons invited to the summer school. Main areas covered include:

  • Nature conservation and biodiversity
  • Nature conservation and biodiversity management in a rapidly developing country
  • Key international instruments related to biodiversity
  • Biodiversity issues in higher education in Iran
  • Institutions in biodiversity management: the concept of `learning organizations´
  • Valuation of ecosystems and biodiversity - biocultural approaches towards sustainable use of natural resources
  • Documentation and visualization of biodiversity at landscape level: observation and assessment of biodiversity aspects from remote sensing and sample based field inventories; habitat suitability analyses
  • Implementation of the EU flora fauna directive – from policy into practice
  • Improving management measures to support grassland biodiversity
  • Development and application of modelling as a support tool for managing biodiversity of grasslands

In addition to the presentations, there will be ample time for discussions and exchange during the group works and field trips.

Excursion program

There are two thematic field trips planned during the summer school.

Field trip to Harz National Park

  • Biodiversity issues in the management of the Harz National Park
  • Discussion with Rangers and the park management about the conflicts between conservation and utilization

Field trip to Solling Mountains (Naturpark)

  • Natural resources under changing environmental conditions: forest ecosystem research and its consequences for a sustainable forest management
  • Stand establishment on difficult site conditions – a challenge for conservation of biodiversity
  • The new global trend: energy wood plantations - a risk for biodiversity

Target groups

The regional focus is given on China, Iran, South-east Asia (Indonesia), Latin America and Africa. Experts and advanced students working on the science and management related to biodiversity conservation and management are invited to participate. Institutional affiliations may include research and education, NGO’s, government agencies, and civil society organisations.
The selected participants will given an opportunity to present biodiversity related issues from their home country.

Registration, Costs and support

This summer school is funded by the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD-Deutscher Akademischer Ausstauschdienst) and Georg-August Universität Göttingen. Therefore there is no participation fees. Costs for travel, accommodation and daily subsistence for all participants are covered.

Download the program for Biodiversity Summer School in Göttingen.

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