Workgroup Endangered Species Conservation

Workgroup Endangered Species Conservation

The Workgroup on Endangered Species is continuing research and teaching activities of the former Department of Conservation Biology. The workgroup and its associated conservation ecologists share the vision that academic institutions should be actively engaged in conservation management.

With the everincreasing pressure on natural resources, we need to strengthen our capacity to solve conflicts between people and wildlife. Working mainly empirically and with a region-specific focus, our group treats key problems by involving stakeholders, and with a commitment to influence decisionmaking.

New Publications

Khorozyan et al. (2017) Global patterns of biomass models describing prey consumption by big cats

Ghoddousi et al. (2017) Trophic competition between large carnivores and poachers

Lumetsberger et al. (2017) Re-evaluating models for estimating prey consumption by leopards