Department of Systematic Botany
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University of Goettingen
Albrecht-von-Haller Institute for Plant Sciences
Department of Systematic Botany
Untere Karspuele 2
37073 Goettingen

Phone: +49 (0)551 / 39-5732 (Heike Freundt, secretary)
Fax: +49 (0)551 / 39-22329


Master Studies

Welcome to the Department of Systematic Botany

Plant systematics is one of the oldest disciplines at the University of Göttingen and is being taught there since the founding of the university in 1735.

The major topics of plant systematics are the evolution, phylogeny and taxonomy of flowering plants, ferns and bryophytes. Our mission is to understand the patterns and processes of diversification of plants in space and time. Plant systematics utilizes a broad array of modern methods (DNA analysis, karyology) as well as classical disciplines (field work, morphology).

The Department is equipped with modern laboratories, an internationally renowned Herbarium of about 800.000 specimens (including over 12.000 types) and a Botanical Garden with an extensive collection of ferns and flowering plants (ca. 19.000 species).


Master theses

Reproductive and genetic diversity in Ranunculus auricomus.

Biogeography and reproductive diversity in alpine Ranunculus.

Hybrid speciation of alpine willows (Salix).

Phylogenetic studies in European Salix.

Phylogenetic studies in Jungermanniopsida (leafy liverworts).

Distribution and diversity of Hieracium.

Prof. Elvira Hörandl
Tel.: 551 39 7843
Termine n. Ü.

PD Dr. Jochen Heinrichs
Tel.: 551 39 22220
Termine n. Ü.