Abteilung Experimentelle Phykologie und Sammlung von Algenkulturen
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Experimentelle Phykologie und Sammlung von Algenkulturen der Universität Göttingen (EPSAG)

Nikolausberger Weg 18
D-37073 Göttingen

Fax: +49 551 39-7871

Algal Diversity, Importance and Economical Value

The Culture Collection of Algae at Goettingen University (international acronym SAG) is a living resource of culture material of microalgae and is among the five largest algal service collections in the world. It serves to the scientific community as well as in education by its service and curatorial roles. A huge diversity of about 1600 species of microscopic algae (about 2400 strains) are currently available. Customers are scientists worldwide from various types of institutions, industries, and environmental research agencies.