Talks to come

  • Data Science und Data Literacy
    Digital-Gipfel 2019 - Südniedersachsen im Datenfokus
    Göttingen, 29.4.2019
  • An Introduction to Distributional Regression
    HEC Research Seminar
    University of Liège, 15.5.2019
  • Modular Regression - A Lego System for Building Distributional Regression Models with Tensor Product Interactions
    34th International Workshop on Statistical Modelling
    Guimarães, 8.-12.7.2019
  • Multivariate Conditional Transformation Models
    Statistische Woche 2019
    Trier, 10.-13.9.2019
  • Multivariate Conditional Transformation Models
    CMStatistics 2019
    London, 14.-16.12.2019

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