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#Sensation @GOEEvolution 2018

Titel der Veranstaltung #Sensation @GOEEvolution 2018
Reihe GOEvol
Veranstalter GOEvol-Netzwerk an der Universität Göttingen
Referent/in Felix Quade
Einrichtung Referent/in Entwicklungsbiologie
Veranstaltungsart Tagung
Kategorie Forschung
Anmeldung erforderlich Ja
Beschreibung The perception of environmental stimuli, their processing and integration is essential for any organism. Apart from the more familiar senses like hearing, seeing or tasting, there are sensory tasks performed by highly specialized animals, such as echolocation in bats or the perception of polarized light in insects. Sensory processing consequently also differs strongly between species. However, at the same time there are astonishing similarities between sensory modalities of phylogenetically distant animal groups, such as the shared cellular structure of light-sensitive organs or the genetic control and developmental origin of sensory cells. With methodological innovation, more and more species can be used for detailed analyses, which further expand the understanding of the evolution of sensation.
Because of the diversity of research and various methodologies in multiple (emerging) model organisms in the field of evolution of sensation we want to bring together scientists from a broad range of fields to reveal commonalities across disciplines.
Following the GOEvol tradition, we aim for an interdisciplinary symposium with an informal atmosphere with plenty of possibilities for social networking. If you enjoy small interactive meetings and the topic suits you, come along!
Registration will be possible until August 15th 2018 following this link:
Costs to register are 10€ for students, 20€ for Postdocs and PIs.
Invited speakers:
Sally Leys (University of Alberta, Canada),
Michael Bok (University of Bristol, UK),
Tobias Kaiser (MPI for Evolutionary Biology, Plön, Germany),
Robert Barton (University of Durham, UK),
Mirjam Knörnschild (Free University of Berlin, Germany),
Brigitte Schoenemann (University of Cologne, Germany)
Zeit Beginn: 27.09.2018, 13:00 Uhr
Ende: 28.09.2018 , 14:00 Uhr
Ort Tagungs- und Veranstaltungshaus Alte Mensa (Wilhelmsplatz 3)
Kontakt Nico Posnien
Externer Link
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