Professur für Informationsmanagement

Professur für Informationsmanagement

Successful submission to AOM Specialized Conference

We are happy to announce that the following article which was written in cooperation with researchers from the Smart City Innovation Lab at Catolica Lisbon School of Business & Economics was accepted at the AOM Specialized Conference: Big Data and Managing in a Digital Economy in Surrey, United Kingdom (18.04.-20.04.2018):

  • Old Wine in New Bottles? A Systematic Review of the Literature on Digital Transformation (Hanelt, A.; Bohnsack, R.; Marz, D.; Marante, C. A.)

Article accepted for publication in Transportation Research Part D: Transport and Environment Journal


We are happy to announce that the following article was accepted for publication in the special issue “The contribution of electric vehicles to environmental challenges in transport” of the Transportation Research Part D Journal:

Improving Electric Vehicle Utilization in Carsharing: A Framework and Simulation of an E-Carsharing Vehicle Utilization Management System (Brendel, A. B.; Lichtenberg, S.; Brauer, B.; Nastjuk, I.; Kolbe, L. M.)

Successful submissions to ICIS 2017

We are happy to announce that following articles were accepted at the International Conference on Information Systems 2017 and related workshops in Seoul, South Korea (10.12.-13.12.2017):

  • Distributed Cognitive Expert Systems in Cancer Data Analytics: A Decision Support System for Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery (Tofangchi, S.; Hanelt, A.; Böhrnsen, F.)
  • Unraveling the Interaction of Information Systems and Ecosystems – A Comprehensive Classification of Literature (Nischak, F.; Hanelt, A.; Kolbe, L. M.)
  • Understanding the Scene Data: Pavement Area Grouping in Images (Chatterjee, S.; Hildebrandt, B.; Kolbe, L. M.)
  • Adapting Carsharing Vehicle Relocation Strategies for Shared Autonomous Electric Vehicle Services (Brendel, A. B.; Lichtenberg, S.; Nastjuk, I.; Kolbe, L. M.)
  • A Decision Support System for Computation of Carsharing Pricing Areas and its Influence on Vehicle Distribution (Brendel, A. B.; Brennecke, J. T.; Zapadka, P.; Kolbe, L. M.)
  • Exploring the Role of Perceived Digital Connectedness for Technology Acceptance in the Digital Age: Construct Development and Scale Validation (Marz, D.; Leonhardt, D.; Hanelt, A.; Kolbe, L. M.)