Dr. Constanze Jahn

Manager at d-fine in Frankfurt, Germany

Dr. Constanze Jahn is a manager at d-fine. Her major topics include data management and data governance as well as data warehousing and reporting for banks. Constanze is an expert regarding the requirements of BCBS 239 (the Basel Committee on Banking Supervision’s standard number 239) which contain principles for effective risk data aggregation and risk reporting.
Constanze studied physics at the University of Erlangen and the University of Regensburg and earned a PhD in astroparticle physics from the University of Erlangen.

Dr. Helene Dallmann

Senior Consultant at d-fine in Frankfurt, Germany

Dr. Helene Dallmann works as a Senior Consultant at d-fine and is specialized in risk management for insurance companies.
The topics she worked on range from financial stability forecasts and conduction of Solvency II calculations to automation of regulatory reporting processes.
In her current project at an international insurance group, she improves the internal model for technical reserves and migrates it to a new platform.
Helene completed a master programme in Mathematics with minor in Physics at the Georg-August-Universität Göttingen in 2012. Subsequently, she earned her PhD in Numerical and Applied Mathematics in Göttingen. In 2017, Helene started to qualify as an actuary DAV.

“At d-fine you will find colleagues who speak your language and share your analytical approach to problems. What is more, you will find that all your colleagues, whether senior or junior, are open to new ideas. So even as you make the first steps in your career, there are opportunities for you to have a say and take on responsibility. "
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